Herczku Ágnes: Bandázom and Romano drom: colors among the bests

2015-05-20 01:41:25

Two Fonó records are in the top 20 on the WMCE list 2015, March.

Two Hungarian records are in the top 20 on the most prestigious world music list for March 2015 – both records are Fonó releases. Herczku Ágnes “Bandázom” is number 10 on the list and Romano Drom’s “colors” album is number 15. Fifty world music professionals from 25 countries of the world put this toplist together every month. In past years, Lajkó Felix’s “Mező” (Fonó), the Karaván Família (Fonó), Buda Folk Band (Fonó) and from other labels, Söndörgő and Romengo have been on this list.



One of the most prominent representatives, Romano Drom has released his latest CD, entitled ‘colors’ by Fonó. "the strongest moments of this new album are the melodies based on Olah Gipsy tunes with fast rhythms, awesome vocals and oral bass sounds, plus the Balkan-coffee-house ecstasy of the title song: “Colors”. This album is like a “best of”: diverse, colourful, you can find everything here that makes them/this band the best in this genre, and what is more, all the songs are new and not old hits." (Mihály Rácz – review at


The second solo album of Ágnes Herczku entitled Bandázom was first envisaged by its producer, music composer, and sound engineer Nikola Parov, with whom Ági has been working together since 1999 (when the grand dance event of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble entitled "Naplegenda" was first put on stage). This album is a worthy successor of their previous albums (Volt nékem szeretőm, Megéred még) inspired by the talent, knowledge and open mind of these four young folk musicians: Máté Hegedűs and Bence Pálházi (violin), Márton Fekete (viola), and Péter Molnár (double bass). This tight knit unit of Nikola Parov, Sándor Födő, and Ágnes Herczku was joined by this folk band a year ago, and a new community was formed after many concerts, tours full of shared experiences.

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