Zűrös Banda: Zűrös Banda

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The “Zűrös Banda” (“Troublesome Lot”) was founded by well-known band members of the Hungarian world music scene who are bound together by friendship and an affinity for the modern Balkan music.



Branka Básits, one of the most talented Hungarian artists, is the singer of “Pravo”, a band playing Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian folk music. Guitarist Kornél Varga is known from the bands Fianna and Fabula Rasa, as is drummer Ákos Kertész. Attila Boros also plays in Makám, the band of Hungarian world music.
Saxophonist Péter Bede performs in several folk, jazz and world music bands, such as the Balogh Kálmán Gypsy Cimbalom Band or the Fanfara Complexa.
The founder of Fianna, János Láng currently resides in Scotland, apart from the Zűrös Banda he plays with the British band Dallahan.
On their album different Eastern-European and Balkan musical elements (e.g. Romanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Gypsy and Serbian) form a vibrant alliance with jazz and modern dance music.
In their video clip “Napvilág, holdvilág” they present picturesque visuals unique in the Hungarian world music scene. Their album features the well-known Hungarian cimbalom-player Kálmán Balogh.

Dzsafer 03:28
Napvilág, holdvilág 03:40
Racsenica 03:31
Zöld erdőben de magos 04:37
Pirini lagzi 04:54
Šišić 04:24
Nem fújnak most olyan szelek 04:32
Macedón metálos 04:16
Őrült karaván 05:27
Túl a vizen 03:22

Branka Básits - vocal
János Lang - violin
Péter Bede - sax., turkish pipe
Varga Kornél - guitars
Boros Attila - bass guitar
Kertész Ákos - drums, percussionFeaturing:

Kálmán Balogh - hammered dulcimer (track 04)



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